We brainstormed of ideas for our project. Initially we were considering a tripod. That idea morphed a few times, and we discussed some kind of articulated tripod capable of swinging the camera around for different angles. Eventually our conversation turned to using an iPhone as a smart phone is something that most people have available to them. How could we take unique footage with a phone? We thought of putting an iPhone in a hamster ball within a hamster ball, and did a lot of brainstorming about how to suspend the phone so that as the ball was rolled around, it wouldn’t be flung against the plastic or dislodged. The idea wasn’t quite right.

snorriLater we decided to make a version of a body rig device also called a “Snorricam”. This type of rig ┬áproduces a face-on shot of the person wearing it while the background is a swirl of motion as they walk around and move. It creates a sense of tension because the viewers aren’t able to see what the rig-wearer is viewing; we are only privy to their facial expressions. This idea clicked with us immediately! These rigs can cost thousands of dollars. We hope to produce one with Dollarama materials and junk we have laying around the house.
Image credit: Photo by Benjamin B for thefilmbook