Using the body rig

Constructing the body rig was quite the challenge in itself, but actually wearing the body rig took some getting used to as well! 

At first, before the many adjustments that were made to the body rig, it was incredibly awkward and heavy, and refused to stay in place. Walking around with it on was impossible without supporting it myself with my hands or my arms pinning it to my body, which does not make a very effective tool! But we found solutions, as outlined in the blog below, to all the issues that we faced, and the final product was very sturdy, practical and easy to use. 

Before we perfected it, though, walking around with it proved difficult. Walking down the steps caused the rig to fall down, and even just walking at all caused the phone to droop down instead of facing my face. It kind of defeats the purpose of a body rig if you have to constantly adjust it to make it face in the proper direction, so we decided we should definitely find a way to fix that problem.

Once the body rig was fully assembled and we were satisfied with how it worked, it was time to put it to use. Now, I’m not a photographer, I don’t have a video blog, and I’ve never been involved with any sort of film production, so it was my first time using, or even seeing a body rig, so it was really strange to use at first. I felt a bit silly walking around outside with it at first with people and neighbours around, but it ended up being so fun to use that eventually I didn’t even care. It was sturdy enough not to fall down when I was walking down stairs, spinning in circles, or jogging. And it was really interesting to see how well it worked at keeping the focus on my face and not the background.


Though it is not something I would use very often, especially a professional one costing $1000, it would be super useful for amateur video bloggers on YouTube looking to add some diversity to their videos – instead of sitting in their bedroom talking at the camera, a vlogger equipped with a $20 makeshift body rig could make more interesting videos outdoors or around the house. 

And hey, in this day and age when Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are so popular and filled with awkward mirror selfies and photos from strange, high angles that are obstructed by the taker’s arm, a body rig could become the ultimate selfie machine! 



– Kim Maunder